BioExpert International Inc.

About us

BioExpert International is a Canadian pharmaceutical and biotechnological consulting firm.

Rabih Jamaleddine, BME,Ph.D., General Manager, Principal Consultant
Dr. Jamaleddine has over 20 years experience in the fields of medical device research, development, regulatory compliance, and GMP. Prior to founding Bioexpert International Inc. in 2005, he was Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs of MedXL medical products division.

Dr. Jamaleddine contributed numerous research articles and publications to scientific literature. He is currently the Principal Consultant of Regulatory Affairs at Healthmark Quebec, one of the major players in the marketing and distribution of Canadian and US medical devices, and the pioneer in realizing the manufacturing and introducing the new concept of single dose medications to hospitals, clinics, and public institutions pharmacy outlets.

Bioexpert International, until today, has won various regulatory, quality and validation contracts with major and reputable pharmaceutical companies, medical devices manufacturers and distributors in Canada, USA, Spain, and Italy.

Nabil Kereknawi, B.Sc. ,M.Sc., CRA., Senior Consultant

Mr. Kereknawi has over 30 years experience in the formulation, development, and production of pharmaceutical, nutritional, and herbal products.

With hands-on management of product development laboratories and pilot plants, Mr. Kereknawi contributed a lot of formulations for tablets, soft-gelatin and hard capsules, creams, ointments, including enteric and sustained-release coatings formulations and production techniques.

Prior to joining Bioexpert International, Mr. Kereknawi worked as Director of development laboratories with 4 major pharmaceutical companies in Canada, namely: Pharmetics, Formulex, Technilab, and Future Nutrition; and was a senior consultant for the 2 pharmaceutical production companies: Spimaco pharmaceuticals in Saudi Arabia, and Frater laboratories in Algeria. He also supervised the founding of Rotana Foods company in Dubai where numerous new fresh and frozen food products were fully developed from concept up to introduction into marketsí shelves.

Mrs. Danica Robillard Corso, B.A., L.L.B.
Legal Consultant

Danica is a member of the Quebec Bar and practices corporate and commercial law primarily within the pharmaceutical industry, both on the innovator and generic side. Danica has been working in the pharmaceutical industry for over 12 years and has drafted and negotiated significant agreements with multinational pharmaceutical companies both in Canada and elsewhere. Her work entails drafting and negotiating many types of agreements for her clients such as license, supply and distribution, asset purchase, quality, consultancy and trademark agreements. In addition, Danica has significant experience in product liability assessment, trademark issues and compliance matters within the pharmaceutical industry. Danica is a published lawyer within the International Bar Association.